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Bull Shit, from Latin "Bulbus Stercum"
Anything said by a politician
by Mole April 07, 2005
Council Housed And Violent
Regarded as sexually impotent, if not a parent of three by fifteen.
by Mole April 07, 2005
Arsclan knows Drama

TheZy: guys we really didnt need the drama tonight really
Mole: lol
fuzz: hell yeah we do
by Mole July 22, 2004
When you use one arm to punch at the sky and another arm to punch at the ground.
I better show these kids how to Semi-Sky-Semi-floor punch because they're beginners.
by Mole March 05, 2005
When you play Halo and think you're winning all the time and you say you are going to dominate bitches but you actually dont.
What the fuck, Fatchie, Stop being a Halo-er and get better, fattie.
by Mole March 06, 2005
alphabase,the best clan in the universe
alphabase is the best you noob
by Mole July 21, 2004
A person with red hair and a ton of acne and is incredibly fat.
Damn, Fatchie, you are one fat mother fucker.
by Mole March 06, 2005

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