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6 definitions by mojojojo

A condensed version of the phrase "slow fucker".
Tom, hurry up you slofo!
by mojojojo February 17, 2006
7 0
A hot mess stuffed in some bread.
Donna: What a panini.
by MojoJojo May 20, 2013
3 1
A girl who portrays rough, muscular characteristic. Also loves to shout and kick a person, whenever she is made fun of.
Unlucky bastard:Hey Darla! you gotta be a HARDCORE. get it?

Darla: I WILL KILL YOU ! *kick* i will haunt you forever!!

Unlucky bastard: Oh no! we got a Daltonder over here!
by Mojojojo March 13, 2012
3 0
The white, pasty residue left from a sweaty buttcrack.
by mojojojo June 22, 2003
2 1
When you intend to limit your alcohol intake to approximately five beers then proceed to get entirely fucked up.
Hey mate, keen for some casuals tonight?
by MOJOJOJO June 12, 2012
9 9
A condensed version of "fucking gay". Akin to fugly.
What the fuck? That is so fay.
by mojojojo January 21, 2006
83 121