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3 definitions by modo

Acronym for the phrase "tumble weed passes/ing/ed by". The asterisks are used to indicate the term between is actually happening. It is used exclusively online to convey the typist's boredom or mockery of the lack of activity in online contexts such as chat/game rooms and forums.
User1 posted 15/1/06: Hello does anybody talk here?
User2 posted 6/4/06: *twpb*
User1 posted 6/4/06: *cries from lonelines*
by Modo April 06, 2006
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An intensified aggregation of iHarmony typically found in the enterprise work environment where several colleagues are nearby and receiving a common audible meeting notification on all associated mobile devices and computing platforms.
The iChorus from my cube farm drew me to the conference room like a Siren's song. I didn't even need to look at my calendar to know where to go.
by modo July 13, 2012
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The harmony produced from an individual's multiple Apple and iOS devices simultaneously playing audible notifications for items such as calendar events, reminders, or new mail. The phenomenon has expanded with the iCloud service insuring that all devices have synchronized event notification.
What a melodic iHarmony from your tablet and phone. I need to set my notification sounds to the same samples.
by modo July 13, 2012
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