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Crotch huggers which outline the mons.
Grezelda's camel pants seemed painted on, and left the boys panting.
by Moby Doug April 24, 2010
Blowing it out the behind with major force and velocity, often with the aid of flu, Mexican food, or both.
That intestinal flu was da bomb! I don't know which was more fun, the projectile vomiting or the projectile defecating.
by Moby Doug August 10, 2009
To be tortured, by a governmental or non-governmental agency, to the point of psychosis and death and beyond.
The prisoner was gitmoized and returned to his home country dead or alive, no one could quite tell, with a beautifully laundered brain.
by Moby Doug December 05, 2010
Wearing handcuffs and getting strangled/choked during sex.
Gary couldn't get off without going cuffs 'n collar.
by Moby Doug July 19, 2009
A wax job, a muffless muff or "buff"
Her Brazilena allowed her to wear/the tiniest bikini without unsightly hair.
by Moby Doug April 07, 2009
Wife or girlfriend of a porn addict.
Evelyn's a virtual porn widow; her wanker can't tear himself from the pornsites.
by Moby Doug August 13, 2009
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