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Hello in Chinese. Most commonly used by non-Chinese people to show off the only chinese phrase they know to a Chinese they just met, who can speak fluent English ironically.
"Hey I have learnt some Chinese from another Chinese friend...ni hao."
"Oh, wow. That's great. I wish I know how to say hello in your language."
by mitual February 05, 2009
The phenomenon where people looks better, hotter or younger naturally or unnaturally through aging.
"Dude your mum's got serious Button's Syndrome."
"Ewww... Don't even think about it."
by mitual February 04, 2009
Deliberately altering or deleting information on Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias to cause confusion or misguidance.
"I totally screwed those lazy fxxkers up who c&p everything from wikipedia for that last paper."
"But that's wikivandalism!"
by mitual February 04, 2009
Short for "gong xi fa chai", the most common chinese felicitation used in chinese new year, created for easy texting, meaning "wish you get rich!"
"I got this message with this weird last line...btw gxfc?"
"It's chinese new year."
"oh... How lazy are people these days really?"
by mitual February 04, 2009
Ola means wave in Spanish. There Obamaola means Obama-wave literally, generalizing the Obama related heat around his presidency.
"With all the tshirts, posters and toys, I can really feel the Obamaola."
"Don't forget the Obama condoms"
by mitual February 05, 2009
A sum of all Macintosh products and sofeware that has a name that starts with i.
"She thinks she's so sleek coz she's had i-verything. She's only a hollaback."

"I love my new Macbook for it has i-verything."
by mitual February 04, 2009
The state when one has already seen everything on the web of his/her interest but still forces oneself to browse the already visited sites, like facebook, youtube, etc, with extreme boredom as an addiction or habit.
"I should probably lock my Macbook and iphone away to stop myself from webdragging myself."
"I know! I heard there's a psychologist specializing in that!"
by mitual February 04, 2009

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