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To the point.
Exactly that.
A noise.
1) Tsak, there you go.
2) There is it is, tsak you found it.
3) I stabbed mike in the throat, and the knife went in TSAK.
4) When i stuck it in, it went in like tsak.
5) When i saw her p*ssy i pulled of a pube and it went, tsak.
by Mitso2oo4 December 14, 2009
Short for Puta Madre. (In Spanish)

Variations of the word exist and when its used.

-Puta Ma
1) I lost the game, tama.
2) Did you bring the poker chips?

-Tama, I forgot.
3) When someone gets tight/angry.

by Mitso2oo4 December 13, 2009
The most legit name ever.
In Greek the name Demetri, is also know as Mitso.
Mitso, lets go.
by Mitso2oo4 December 14, 2009
1. When a person is singing an imaginary song for hours over and over till it feels like your getting stabbed over and over.

2. When ten or more people stab one person over and over.
1. I was sing a song over and over and my friend said what a stabathon.

2. Julius Ceaser. Died that way.
by Mitso2oo4 December 26, 2009
When you tickle someone to the point they cant take it no more.
Ticklesetson for you tonight. HAHAHA >=]
by Mitso2oo4 October 31, 2011
Short and not a curse word, but made for a curse saying Chinga tu Madre, (Mexican) Fuck your mother. Say Chinga tu Madre so much So Chingirinana.
Chingirinana!, that car just slammed in the wall.
by Mitso2oo4 December 16, 2011
To make a girl reach an orgasm. After she dose to continue to pleasure her spot causing irresistible tickles all over her body.
- What did you do last night?
- Ticklesetson
by mitso2oo4 June 01, 2011

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