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Chanel is a designer brand founded originally by a woman named Coco Chanel. Her designs are known for portraying style, class, beauty. Chanel is a favorite among the wealthy and upper middle class. You can find a Chanel logo on just about anything, (purses to sunglasses,clothes to keychains..ect.)
Head on over to Saks or Neiman Marcus to find your very own Chanel product.
by miss_sixty June 25, 2005
February 14th. a sad day for most, it leaves the single with suicidal feelings, and the couples hoping that their significant other will get them something worthwhile. Even if they act somewhat sane, single women and girls are going through a jealous rage with the thought of "not having a valentine". especially when their friends are flaunting all the lucious gifts their beau's have given them.
I am often single on valentines day. I fill my brain up with liquor, and drink away the pain.
by miss_sixty February 13, 2006
he'll put you in a trance with his smooth, g-funk melodies. he's got them chisled cheekbones and an OG swagger. Snoop often encourages you to "blow that smoke in the air", a.k.a have some good times smokin that sticky, icky icky.
"Now some of these niggas is so deceptive. Usin' my sounds like a contraceptive. I hope the get burnt, seen's they have learnt that the nick nack paddy wack i still got the biggest sac!"- Doggy Dog World
by miss_sixty February 04, 2005
A term of endearment towards anyone with a name begining with K. Sounds much better than c-dawg, or f-dawg.
She is the original KDAWG!
by miss_sixty April 20, 2006
austin power's fausha.
"he's your, your farger doctor evil."
"ohhhhh! my father."
"yesh its the dutch accent, dad is fausha, fausha is daddy."
by miss_sixty April 11, 2005
a special "dancing" move, which garuntees you to get your ass kicked by pro moshers.
Idiot: "Hey everyone, I'm breaking out the ice move!"

Pro Mosher: "My foot is going in your ass buddy"
by miss_sixty February 19, 2005
i believe it's a stereotype. unwashed black/drk brown chin length hair with a swoop. sweaters, tight jeans, scarves, everything vintage. permanent look of "im sad and no one understands me" on face. this "look" can work for most people in some degree, you can be an walking ad for GAP one day, and the next day pull off being emo.
its crazy, everyone who is emo doesn't like preps because of the conformity. look at yourselves!
by miss_sixty April 05, 2005

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