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a.k.a syrup;a concoction of cough syrup, soda, and a jolly rancher. the drink of that dirrty south
" I used to be a shoe shiner now I sip Aunt Jemima " - SPM
by miss_sixty August 10, 2005
an emo scene boy is a exactly as it sounds. it is often used in terms of when people are acting melodramatic and bitchy.
"i am so pissed that we couldn't get those good seats, i feel like crying and not talking!"

"...stop being an emo scene boy!"
by miss_sixty March 12, 2006
this is something guys say just to lead you on. They don't really want to. They just say it. Sometimes not even to get into your jeans, it's often used just to be nice, even though they really don't want to hang out with you. So remember this the next time some random, or even a guy you know, says this.
Guy: Yep, Im goin to the game tonight.
You: Thats cool, I might show too.
-----------few minute silence--------
Guy: Uh, we should hang out sometime.
You: Sorry! i know what you mean when you say that, thanks to urbandictionary.com
by miss_sixty December 20, 2004
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