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Flirt dawg, a guy/girl that flirts with everything that has a heartbeat. Also, can be chanted at someone while flirting to make things awkward.
"Look at that guy with all them girls, he's such a freaking f-dawg"
"F-dawg, F-D-A-W-G, f-dawgy dawg, f...."
by JanetMartyPhillip January 16, 2011
A person who flirts so often, the word 'flirt' is barely applicable to them anymore due to the magnitude of their increasing obsession with chatting-up another being.
"Lewis has ditched us for a group of chicks again"

"yeah , he's just an F-dawg"
by J-peanut March 24, 2011
When you go out on a date and the male doesn't pay. Going on a meal and the girl has to pay means the boy has pulled an F dawg. The boy not paying for a meal is doing an F dawg.
' oh did he pay?' ' nahh he pulled an F dawg on me'
by iamgreat! November 28, 2011
th meaning of security in terms of power, intelligence, a co0ck longitiudeness
wow! jesus christ reminds me of f-dawg
by big h baby March 21, 2003
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