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a honkey being a white person or persons. mo fo being a mother fucker, and wa lest but not last being a wanna be. together honkey mo fo wa ,white mother fucking wanna be.
step your ass back honkey mo fo wa !
by mikey1969 February 07, 2008
that of being of some sort of smut,nudity at it's finest, intercoarse, showing penetration,,,
his large pornographic cock entered her cunt very deeply,
by mikey1969 February 07, 2008
the do it all, the i am the best, look what i did,shake my own hand, pat that old back for myself, better than you , person.
hey, i did this... look what i've done,, it's all about me,...that persons just has to be the best on everything, that over doer
by mikey1969 February 07, 2008
the dark part of your mind,the crawling nagging feeling somethings wroung,inner bad feelings
i have to break my inner demons to move on ...
by mikey1969 February 07, 2008
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