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7 definitions by mikekk67

My favorite anime and a huge hit in Japan. Wonderful emphasis to detail and great story, animation, characters, and etc.
Coyboy Bebop is loved by all people. If you don't like it, what do you like?
by mikekk67 June 06, 2003
A small town that belongs to Los Angeles. Has a couple of beaches and overall a quiet place to live. Small town stores and restaurants. EX: Busy Bee.
San Pedro is a small town.
by mikekk67 June 02, 2003
A very, VERY pretty Japanese woman who is a famous actress and singer in Japan. Has been on tv shows like Trick and in movies such as Ringu 0.
What the hell is Lucy Liu doing on TV? Give me Yukie Nakama!
by mikekk67 January 04, 2004
Any freeloader's best tool. Downloads programs, music, documents, videos, etc. No ads or spyware. Hope this one stays online.
Who needs to buy anything anymore for the computer? I got Kazaa!
by mikekk67 June 06, 2003
A very easily pirated online game. Used to be very fun and cool around 1999 but ever since the lame sequel came out, Tribes is slowly dying off. Beware of the no-life nerds who play that game as if it was their life! AKA-Pros.
One friend bought Tribes. Now 20 people pirated it from him and play too!
by mikekk67 January 05, 2004
A school apart of the Los Angeles Unified School District that is totally overcrowed in the small town of San Pedro.

There are many stairs which the people who don't exercise complain all the time about because they're too lazy to even walk anymore. The school has a retared layout and the rooms are all mixed around and scattered to confuse any Freshman and even some Senors. At least senor year is an easy and laid back year =)
Alright! A shortened Teacher Development Tuesday! Get me outta San Pedro High School!
by mikekk67 January 26, 2004
Someone who knows the horrors of war and its consiquinces. It's easy to say yoru pro-war when your just a person sitting abck watching the tv at home. However, by getting facts on war, you realize it is hell for the people who face it directly. War is not good but it will stay.
People who like war typically like Bush (One of the worste presidents according to an AP teacher).
by mikekk67 June 06, 2003