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high quality marijuana
yo man that stuff was pang
by mike m May 05, 2003
Short form for personal. Meaning private, to one's self. Not shared with any others. Free of any "outside person" not wanted in a situation or place, or object. A personal stash.
Hey man, I got a persy house tonight you wanna have a jam?

Yo man I already made my money back on that half ounce, that spliff there is persy.
by Mike m October 28, 2003
an insane rapper from the "savage LA streets", part of the wu tang family.
yo man warcloud has the tighest lyrics
by mike m December 15, 2003
a word used after a diss or comeback
ill put a bomb in your panties da drupa!
by mike m June 19, 2006
An extreme custy, lowlife, a homeless, lost person. Usually used to describe a person who suffers extreme poverty.
Hey, Al is being a big koongaraj today.
by mike m December 07, 2003
Marijuana, an illegal drug used by many.
Hey u wanna go smoke some cronzo? i have a backwood can you fill it?
by mike m January 17, 2004
Brunkie smoke da mad shit, don't mess wit Brunkie he fuck you up dawg. Brunkie Chill in da Hood (Hull). He is da mad playa and he come to yo house and mess you up
Brunkie will fuck you up
Brunkie smoke da mad shit
Yo it Brunkie
Brunkie in da House!
Shit Dawg, it's Brunkie
by Mike m January 04, 2004

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