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america ferrara's character in ugly betty an ABC situation comedy on thursday night
my name is betty suarez and this is my resume
by mike gee paperboy September 23, 2006
ugly betty is betty suareza first generation hispanic in new York City. She manages a clash of cultures in a situation comedy adapted from the telenova "betty la fea" with executive producer Salma Hayek which reached audiences in more than 80 million households avross the globe.
The most unattractive star of ABC this year is Ugly Betty who reveals her education and desire without taking off her clothes.
by mike gee paperboy September 23, 2006
something with your name on it it for your own promotion
Halliburton "swag" used in Chely Wright's new song "I ain't getting any..." younger.
by mike gee paperboy September 06, 2006
What a political activist who can never find fault with themself does when their non commital candidate loses in an election.
Usually they belong to one of the major parties and achieve their conviction using an independently accumulated vote total of one of the third party candidate(s )in the race and indiscriminately add it to their candidate.
Republicans used it when Clinton beat Bush 41 and Ross Perot votes brought the winning percentage down to below fifty percent of the vote.The recent Texas governor's election gave the incumbent thirty eight per cent of the winning vote while two independent candidates split the vote to give the democrat chris bell 30 percent.Activists in this race tended to "naderize" Kinky Friedman but the other independent garnered more votes than him.
by mike gee paperboy November 11, 2006
its hers! (it is her man .do not cheat.) it is her pet. it is something you do not touch that belongs to her!it is her heart.
You don't have to call it woman's you can call it wimmens or in another case you can say its hers and don't you touch it with out permission especailly if it is a woman's man to include cheating or pet.
by mike gee paperboy October 03, 2006
oxymoron to describe woman's pubic hair usually not ugly.
it was ugly betty girl, really lesbian.
by mike gee paperboy September 26, 2006

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