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9 definitions by mike and dave!!

after having anal sex penis is left with turd stinky residue

(usually happens to blacks)
"yo nigga you gotsa bad case of stink baloney."
by mike and dave!! February 23, 2005
6 4
a hobos mamma (or the black african monkey that burrows its tail in fertile ground and subtracts the lands nutrients in order to feed its young found deep within the forests of eurasia)
"hey jamal i hate your big black hobo mamma"
by mike and dave!! February 23, 2005
5 7
a decorative piece of feces made by a person like peter pinori (otherwise known as the mentally retarted) which is shaped like a train and runs on toilet paper tracks (popular in mexican cities)
"all aboard the stink-train"
"peter what have i told you about playing with your stink-train before dinner"
by mike and dave!! February 23, 2005
2 5
example 1)when the mentally retarted or old have massive explosive hydrolic diarrea all over ones face
example 2)when a cripple cannot reach the toilet fast enough so he duces on the floor and creates a stinkin pile of fecal mess which he then falls face first and drowns in a heap of his own feces
example 3) when someone sucks your stink baloney
i really love my gramdpa but when he bends over and gives me a fecal facial in front of my girlfriend it makes me feel depressed
by mike and dave!! February 23, 2005
10 14
example 1) when a disgustingly slimy stinkinfested breeze of hot air ouccurs in a womens pants
example 2)woman whos been on a ship to long
timmy get back from that boat you might get a woof of fisherman's queef
by mike and dave!! February 23, 2005
3 9
when a son enjoys and is involved in furious daddy doing,(otherwise sleeping with your daddy)
"Tom and frank feshetto are daddy doers because they love to engage in furious daddy doing activities"
"you silly silly daddy doer"
by mike and dave!! February 23, 2005
5 14
a light snack in the morning or evening, goes well with ketchup and mayo
"grandmas famous homestyle dooche burgers"
by mike and dave!! February 23, 2005
5 18