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Cool, awesome, rad.
Garrett is soooo hilly pop!!
by Michele June 23, 2004
an abbrieviation used to trick one's companion or foe into admitting they are either a. not potty trained, or b. a pregnant teenager.
person1: Are you PT?
person2: ...yes?


person1: are you PT?
person2: HAHA i know what that is. no i'm not a preg-
person1: ewwww you're not potty trained
by michele February 22, 2004
something done at family BBQ's and social gatherings
My dad spent the whole day smokin' the sausage.
by Michele December 20, 2003
1/8 of a pizza. commonly used in NY, I dunno about anywhere else... It is unnecessary to say "of pizza" following it.
Pizzaguy: What can I get you today, sir?
customer: I'd like one slice please.
by michele February 22, 2004
Penis, Dick, etc...
Man his Princess Fiona is so big..
by Michele January 20, 2004
it refers to a woman's beaver
in the song ice cream by JS, it gives it away:

"Taste my ice cream"
by michele December 24, 2004
Tore Up!
"ohhh shit, you is Toe Toe bro"!
by michele January 28, 2004
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