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a thug anthem that dedicates all the people who were lost in the struggle
(being in jail, someone dying, etc)
it explains very well in Trick Daddy's "Thug Holiday"
"so many tears throughout the years/somebody tell me whats going on"
"this is for my people in the ghetto,i'm calling out, to all my thugs in the ghetto"
by Michele January 01, 2005
Fabolous uses Villa to mean home or house
"My babys the only one i bring to the villa"
by Michele January 10, 2005
tired, exhausted and moving about in a mechanical sort of way. Acting like a zombie.
Without my morning cup of coffee I am zombatic.
by Michele March 04, 2005
getting fucked really good by the biggest pimp in hood.
"mmmmm...lemme tell a lil sumin sumin, I got tricked out by mack last night and it was AMAZING"
by Michele January 04, 2005
1. an entire pizza; a pizza pie. commonly used in new york!!!

2. as well as the dessert thing.
Haha, I just ordered 12 pies to be delivered to her house at 2am without her knowing!
by michele February 22, 2004
A mustache that wraps around your face, farther then a goatee, and continues down your chin into the neck area. Popular for guys who want to look tough.
Damn! Paul Teutel's beardstache looks likes a mullet on his face!
by Michele February 25, 2005
the shortened term for a dance arcade game, Pump it up, similar to dance dance revolution, except the arrows point in diagonal directions and there is a button in the center as well. It originates from korea.
Let's go to the arcade and play some pump.
by michele February 22, 2004
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