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America's worst president ever
George W Bush is such a moron he inherited a record budget surplus and a strong economy, he turned that into massive deficits and economic recession. Bush was so obsessed with invading Iraq that he ignored warnings about al-Qaida and even after 9/11 he went ahead with his plans to attack Iraq instead of persuing Osama bin Laden.
#republican #g.o.p. #m & m party #neocon #warpig
by Michael_Hunt November 10, 2008
Greedy Oppressive Pricks the Republican Party which believes in low taxes for uberwealthy, increasing corporate profits by oppressing the working class and moving jobs overseas whenever possible. they also support oppressive social policies attempting to censor movies or music they don't like, restricting abortion, bashing gays, and making health care too expensive for most people to afford
The G.O.P. is so evil they don't even want children to have health care, George W Bush vetoed a children's health care bill.

#republican #greed #george w bush #oppression #corporate owned
by Michael_Hunt May 26, 2008
January 20,2009 the last day of the Bush presidency
January 20,2009 marks the last day of the presidency of George W Bush, an end of an error.
#george w bush #fucktard #g.o.p. #m & m party #neocon
by Michael_Hunt November 10, 2008
cd's usually rap or hip-hop that have been censored to remove profanity or other objectionable material
Whenever I buy a cd I always make sure its got the parental warning label on it , I don't want anything thats been Walmartized
#censored #clean #rap #hiphop #seven words you can't say on television
by Michael_Hunt June 14, 2008
a more appropriate term for daylight saving time since a lot of time is wasting on the silly ritual of resetting clocks a couple times a year
I hate daylight wasting time, it's such a hassle resetting all my clocks, at least the time on my cell phone resets itself automatically.
#spring ahead #fall back #silly #clock #ritual
by Michael_Hunt March 07, 2009
warmonger a term that originated in a Vietnam era Black Sabbath song used to describe corrupt politicians who start senseless wars primarily to boost the profits of the military industrial complex
George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld are warpigs who invaded Iraq to save Haliburton from bankruptcy.
#george w bush #dick cheney #donald rumsfeld #neocon #warmonger
by Michael_Hunt May 26, 2008
millionaires and morons, a term for the Republican party, since the Republicans only care about the uberwealthly anybody who is not a millionaire would have to be a moron to vote Republican
I saw an old rusted out t-cow with a Bush-Cheney bumpersticker it must have been somebody from the moron faction of the M & M party.
#republican #g.o.p. #greedy #stupid #and #or #evil
by Michael_Hunt May 31, 2008
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