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an international student organisation which holds conferences at which the members become enthused with over inflated ideas of their own importance. bears much resemblence to the hitler youth.
"most people think that they cannot change the world, we at AIESEC realise that we can"
by michael mcdonald April 28, 2005
any goth or person that wears black and has an incredibly white face.
hows it going necrophilth?
by michael mcdonald April 26, 2005
a person with amazingly unhealthy skin, scaley and white and most probably requiring the use of some sort of rehydration gunk.
McGrail's a goddam skag addict milky pike
by michael mcdonald April 26, 2005
meaning marijuana cigarrette, orginates from the word that results from typing "bift" into a nokia phone on predictive text.
fancy a chev?

i could really do with a chev!
by michael mcdonald April 26, 2005
to be well built and very musuclar, comes from english public school boy rugby speak (jocks always talk shit, even over here!). can also be confined to unpper or lower bodies, eg u-bod stack, or l-bod stack, or in the case of a particularly large man f-bod stack.
dude, that guy's stacked!
f-bod stackage man
by michael mcdonald April 26, 2005
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