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a light taht shines in ur eye very bright
A: Look at the bright light!
B:ah! my eyes!
by meredith April 12, 2005
noun: 1. something that cleans out bad girl's hoo hoos. 2. a man who acts more like a girl's hoo hoo than a man.

adjective: when something is so profound no word can better describe it
noun: 1. "She needs to douche. Twas funky!!" 2. "He is such a douche."

adjective: "And it was just like... DOUCHE!!"
by Meredith November 19, 2003
code word for an ugly person: the further the shotputt the uglier the girl
ew look at the shotputter. Yeah shes got like 100 yards
by meredith February 24, 2005
The Washington, DC area's mass transportation system, run by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Metro's flagship transportation system is the subway. It fails all the major requirements of a mass transit system, having none of the following: affordability for local governments, affordability for riders, stops in the most heavily visited places in the DC area, consistent and on-time trains, enough cars running for its ridership, and being able to go for more than a few weeks without a length of track catching fire.

The Metro was built on heavy rail because some brain trust figured that should the DC area become a war zone, it might be convenient to put freight cars and tanks on its tracks. Everyone knows that the best way to defend major landmarks is to put defensive weaponry several hundred feet underneath them, so this was a good plan.

A lot of people think the DC Metro is superior because it's clean. These are the same people who keep plastic on their couch cushions.
Metro Opens Doors... for those who can afford to ride it.
by Meredith January 04, 2005
to "blooty" means to blow your nose. this word comes from the ancient scottish word "blootegh," meaning the same thing.
I need to blooty!
by Meredith May 10, 2004
a guy takin a shit, smokin a blunt, and gettin head at the same time
little johnny was plumpkinin it.. gettin blazed as fuck while susie sucked him off as he took a shit.
by MEREDITH February 22, 2004
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