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Spitting game in the digital realm (i.e., facebook, iChat, texts, etc.).

All that time you spend on facebook is pointless... unless you're doing your fair share of digital macking.
Friend 1: Yo homey, you spend mad time on the internet!
Friend 2: No shit, dawg. I pull mad bitches online.
Friend 3: Yeah chotch, it's called digital macking.
Friend 1: Damn, I guess I should get a facebook account.
by mephitic September 14, 2010
The girl that your homey is either dating, banging, wifing or has done such activities for a prolonged period of time in the past with any kind of emotional attachment.

It is strictly forbidden -- although such forbidding is mainly unspoken -- to carry on the aforementioned activities on the dead whale.

Doing such things to a dead whale makes you an asshole.
Friend 1: Johnny, why are you macking April? She's totally a dead whale.

Friend 2: Yea dude... your brother still loves her.

Johnny: I'm such an asshole.
by mephitic August 04, 2010

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