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(N) A SPAM message that has been posted in a realtime chatroom by someone (usually a guest to that chatroom) that advertises another chatroom.
1. "I heard that wolfgurl325 got banned from #NarutoWorldRP for posting a spamvertisement."
by meowfox of doom January 13, 2007
Anything but music television.
During the summer I did nothing but watch MTV for a week.
I saw about 15 music videos.
in the entire week.
by meowfox of doom April 03, 2007
(noun) The after-effect when one plays Guitar Hero for a prolonged period of time, the result of which is that for a few minutes after playing stops, everything seen appears to strech vertically outward. This is most likely caused by long hours staring at the fret board onscreen needed to see which notes to play.
After Trogdor-Cat and Bob pulled an all-nighter playing Guitar Hero II against each other, they both experienced severe attacks of fretchy syndrome.
by meowfox of doom April 03, 2007
(noun: doofus domesticus)
Bam Margera is a 27 year old (as of 2007) is a professional skateboarder, tv personality (as seen on his show on MTV, Viva La Bam), and overall loser.

As far as we know he has:
a) no real job (if it weren't for the sponsors and his parents he'd be living in a box)
b) no college education
c) barely any high school education (he dropped out because his friend literally smeared his crap on school property and got expelled; Bam did not recieve a high school diploma and to take a test to recieve his GED, under his parents' request.
d) no manners
e) no self-sufficiency skills whatsoever
f) the same goes for common sense
g) up until recently he has been living with his parents, his fat uncle, and his deadbeat friends. He will most likely continue living while freeloading off of his new wife, Melissa Rothstein (let's see how long she survives...)

Dear god, save us.
Let's hope this guy wins a darwin award.
When the majority of mankind is feeling down, as if nothing on earth could be less evolved, it watches Bam Margera to make itself feel better.
by meowfox of doom April 03, 2007
As a noun, someone considered likely to commit suicide, someone who has attempted committing suicide in the past or made plans to, etc. Used to describe people who are actually serious about it, or people who are probably serious about it but haven't revealed it to anyone just yet.

Derived from the picture depicted on the King of Hearts face card included in a deck of 52 cards. In most basic decks, the King is shown holding a sword horizontally behind his head, making it look as if he's stabbing himself through the head.

In a verb sense, to pull a king of hearts would mean to commit suicide, or try to.

"Oh god, I think I just flunked, I forgot about that friggin test! My parents are gonna kill me! Maybe I should just do the job for them"

"Hey, chill man, it was just a math test. Ask to retake it or something, or deal with it, you're no king of hearts"
by meowfox of doom January 04, 2008
(N), A sense of additude or toughness eminating from one's buttock region.
"DAMN, would you look at the way she walks, she's just got assitude all over!"
by meowfox of doom January 20, 2007
The equivalent of bullshit, any sort of unwanted images, spam, or memes from 4chan's /b/ board.
"I'm going to block you if you don't stop sending me all this /b/shit!"
by meowfox of doom June 13, 2007

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