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Bing is a search engine created by Microsoft, why it is not as good as the search engine Google is because Bing stands for: Because Its Not Google
Man 1: Don't use Bing.
Man 2: Why ever not good sir?
Man 1: Because Its Not Google.
Man 2:...
by MEGAZOR August 12, 2009
When something bad happens.
- Bummer! There's a hole in the boat
- Bummer! There's a bomb in the bus
- Bummer! There's an old person in the car
- Bummer! There's a dead guy in the airplane
- Bummer! There's a blind guy driving the mini-van
- Bummer! There's a hippy in the Anti-Earth hour national meeting
- Bummer! There's a Jew above Hitlers grave
- Bummer! There's a hippy on the road infront of the double decker bus
by MEGAZOR April 07, 2010
The obsession of Justin Bieber, only cure is a silver bullet to the head.
John: "Hmmm... I think he's a great singer"
'Sam passes John a gun and and five silver bullets'
Sally: "Oh, God! What happened?!"
Sam: "John had Bieber Fever!"
'Sally picks up the gun and places it to her head'
by MEGAZOR April 29, 2010
Urban Dictionary's most common typo when typing the website into a web browser.
Mum: "Timmy! where leaving!"
Timmy: "Just a tad, I need to know what that kid called me yesterday!"
Mum: "Hurry Up!"
Timmy: "Whoops! Urban, not Yrban Dictionary"
by MEGAZOR January 16, 2010
A sensible dictionary which has taken many years to construct. Written by posh English gentlemen in London England.
John: "What the F*** is that crap!
Thomas: "It's The Oxford Dictionary"
John: "Looks like a pile of educational shit!"
Thomas: "It's much better than that half burnt Urban Dictionary in your hand"
John: "Don't dis words of the web!"
by MEGAZOR January 04, 2010
An Apple webcam yet to be created. In the future this will also be the default eye for our robot slaves.
Harry: "Hey man have you seen the new iI?"
Aron: "Man I've got one for my robo-doggy!"
Harry: "Wow! I need one for my blow-up doll!"
Aron: ---
Harry: "Awkward..."
by MEGAZOR April 07, 2010
What fat kids yell out to their mamma's when they are gettin hungry!
Joshep: "CHICKEN TIME!!!"
Mamma: "My son is so fuckin fat"
by MEGAZOR September 04, 2010
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