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Deunk, meaning Dead Drunk. When someone is so smashed that they can no longer walk and think that their singing is 'nice' they are deunk (dead-drunk)
Pronuced: Dunk

"Last night Tim was deunk"
"WOW! I'm not drunk, I'm deunk"

Man 1: "Last night I became drunk!"
Man 2: "I was smashed!"
Man 3: "I became deunk!"
Man 1: "ewww..."
by MEGAZOR August 13, 2009
Someone who is so rich that they start using the grease which comes off of $100 dollar bills for everyday jobs.
Ted: "WOW! How did you make your hair so shiny?"
William: "This, Oh it's just money grease!"
Ted: "Rich bastard"
William: "What was that?"
Ted: "Huh? nothing"
by MEGAZOR January 04, 2010
Buckada pronounced Buck-a-da is an overall term for a foreign language in which you can not determine which language it is.
Man 1: What is that guy saying?
Man 2: I don't know, I think he’s speaking Buckada.
Man 1: I agree that does sound like Buckada.
Man speacking Buckada: allah buckada! I gots buckada you got a buckada, we all have buckada...

Timmy: "Blah, Blah,Blah..."
Mother: "Timmy stop that! You’re speaking Buckada and I can't understand you!"
by MEGAZOR August 14, 2009
Readding words to Urban Dicitonary no matter how many times you've tried to post something.
Man1: "Like shit!"
Man2: "What?!"
Man1: "Fuckin nerds behind Urban Dictionary won't add my word!"
Man2: "Maybe because in your example you called them fuckin nerds?"
Man1: "Looks like I'll have to re-urbaned again"
by MEGAZOR September 04, 2010
A man with no manners who runs around shooting people left, right and centre for fun until law inforcement groups rock up.
Man 1: "He's got a gun!"
Man 2: "No! even worse, he's a 'Crazed Gun men'"
Man 3: "I like the game chess"
by MEGAZOR August 17, 2009
When you suddenly have your mind filled with great new words to share with the world and you decide to add them all to The Urban Dictionary.
John: "Want to grab a meal?"
Sally: "No, I've just had an Urban-Dic-Rush!"
John: "You're a man!!!"
Sally: "No you dope! I've made new words to share with the world!"
John: "Thank-God!"
by MEGAZOR April 07, 2010
The most common typo for the word 'seven'.
part of an email:
" Hey, Bazza!

The other day I got seben pairs of shoes!"
by MEGAZOR February 02, 2010
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