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What comes out of your system once a party has ended.
Man: "Shit! I was so fucking smashed, I just ate like a fat person!"
Woman: "That's not all you did..."
Man: "Huh?! what are you talkin' bout' you fuckin whore!?"
Woman: "After the party you did a party poo in their letter box"
Man: "Fuckin Jesus!"
#party pooper #shitter #crapper #drunken shitter #pooper
by MEGAZOR September 04, 2010
A phrase which means: 'Anything & Everything'.
As a question: Zhe Boobess?
As aggression: Ah, f***! Zhe Boobess!!!
#ze boobess #za boobess #zje boobess #zhe boobess #zj boobess
by MEGAZOR August 14, 2010
Instead of 'sensei' Somesay is a marshal art in which the teacher spends most of the time saying "Somesay not much, Somesay too much, others say not a lot"
Fred: "Ha! look at that Somesay!"
Frank: "Hes a DOG!!!"
#somesaid #sensei #someso #somehappy #somesad
by MEGAZOR February 02, 2010
Thursday Night TV is boring, therefore Thursday Night TV is used to describe boring things.
Frank: "Hey! son, look at that ride!"
Timmy: "Dad I'd rather watch Thursday Night TV"
Frank: "Boring piece of shit..."
Timmy: "What did ya call me?!"
Frank: "Nothing son!"
Timmy: "You wanna Go!"
'gun shots'
#monday #tuesday #wendesday #thursday #friday
by MEGAZOR January 22, 2010
The casual way how Urban Dictionary is written but used to describe how something is casual.
Frank: "You said this was a posh place"
Bob: "You must of herd me wrong, this place has an Urban Dictionary feel to it"
Frank: "I see, much better than that oxford dictionary feel"
#feel #atmosphere #casual #invitation #oxford
by MEGAZOR January 16, 2010
A magical bubble which is invisible. You are always in it where ever you go. When you feel uncomfortable it's because some thing is making the 'myspace' bubble make strange shapes.
David: "Wow! Man!"
Dave: "What?"
David: "Get out of myspace!"
#facebook #twitter #social networking #chat room #windows live
by MEGAZOR January 04, 2010
Someone who adds words and uses URban Dictionay most of the time.
pronouced: Ur-bee-an

Mother: "Timmy! You're always on that stupid Urban Dictionary! Get off of it! Now!"

Timmy: "But Mother I'm an Urbanian!"

Mother: "I don't care what you are, get of!"

Timmy: "A Mother, Someone who dislikes urban dictionary and wants their children to get of the internets most useful website"

Mother: "I heard that!"
#uncyclopedian #googlian #clustyian #yahoo-a-knights #mother nature
by MEGAZOR August 14, 2009
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