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Department Of Motor Vehicles, AKA- the deep pits of hell, supposedly created to help you. It causes 95% of public violence in the USA and is responsible for over 300 suicides.
"They should have a man in the DMV punch you in the face the second you walk in to ease the pain of waiting in line at this sick twisted place."
by Meech March 28, 2005
An awesome singer who actually sings,writes HER OWN songs,and plays instruments.
The exact oppsite of Britney Spears
by meech April 16, 2005
A place for relief of bodily waste out of the anus of the butt. It is usually a low white porcelain "seat" in which you can safely "drop the Cosby Kids off at the pool." <-- this expression can be used to explain politely that you have to do your business.
"Excuse me John, ill be back in a few i just have to drop the Cosby Kids off at the pool."
"Man i had to flush that toilet three times and it nearly sent off the smoke alarm."
by Meech March 28, 2005
This is a prank only pulled off by the professionals including my friend Darren. If you are getting a ride from anyone that you dont like or dont know, for example a taxi, then you calmy pull down your pants and take a shit in the back seat. As the smell reaches the driver's nose he will mostly likely turn around thinking what the fuck is that smell?? Then you yell o fuck watch out! This is best done at nighttime because the driver would probably slam the brakes. When the car stops you get out and run.
"Man Darren, that was smooth performing a shit and run in the back of Matt's car without using any T.P."

"Give that taxi driver a shit and run so you dont have to pay for the fare"
by Meech April 12, 2005
The word that is a legend in my high school that was used in a stretched out manner(suuuuuuuttt) when a person said an extremely stupid remark or joke. The Sut chop was given and you felt like a complete ass and just told everyone it was stupid because u felt gay.
"Hey guys, what has a bed but doesnt sleep??? ...A river!!! HAHA!"
by Meech March 28, 2005
The act of using your fork 85% more often than the average human being causing you great deals of weight in pounds. It seems sometimes you cannot see or touch most parts of your body because you are too overcome in flab.
"Hey Rick, If Queen Latifah got rid of her obeseness by donating here whale blubber from her body to the government, we wouldnt have to pay for oil anymore...if only.."

"Ralphie May the comedian is 460 pounds last time i checked on that tv show, but that obese comedian is tons of fun."
by Meech March 28, 2005
To dip, use smokeless tobacco, Skoal.

The bulge in the lip explains it.
"yo frank wanna pack a lipper?"
by Meech June 01, 2005
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