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10 definitions by mediumdave22

A person who eats and/or prepares so much fried chicken their cholesterol levels are dangerous.
Man I don't feel so good, went to the doctor and my lab results were off the charts; got to stop having Colon El Sanders prepare my meals.
by Mediumdave22 February 23, 2011
9 2
When you and the boys go out to pick up girls and everyone strikes out, then have to go to a whack shack so the evening isn't a total loss.
We went out for Adam's Birthday and the chicks were hatin', despite our persuasion and charm...so we had to activate the whack up plan.
by Mediumdave22 June 24, 2011
3 0
A sleazy woman's lower leg or ankle tattoo, usually of a rose, barbed wire, panther, or butterfly.
Did you see that strippers skankle tattoo? Looks like she got it when doing 2 years for her involvement in a Tennessee portable meth lab.
by Mediumdave22 October 13, 2011
6 4