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what you say to someone who turns up to work ridiculously early, as everyone knows this sort of eager beaver behaviour would only be acceptable if you had actually shat the bed, were forced to get out of it, and had nothing better to do than come to work.
colleague not due to start work till 9 showing up at 8.15: good morning!
me: did you shit the bed?!
by me old fruity October 01, 2006
anal sex, and the prelude to an amusing rhyme which kids at school write on each others textbooks to get their friends in trouble:
up the bum, no harm done!

with a thumb, twice as fun!
with ya mum, watch me cum!
by me old fruity September 30, 2006
like fantastic but much cooler with much more emphasis. it must be pronounced with emphasis too. it is most commonly used in, but not limited to, the discussion of lady parts and/or lesbians.
The vicar of Dibley, Geraldine, said to Alice that shagging model Rachel Hunter would be 'fannytastic'.
by me old fruity November 06, 2006
Something all asian taxi drivers in the UK say when you get in the cab. Must be said with indian/pakistani accent for full effect, and can be very amusing if used correctly. see also:
can i help you my friend?
where u wanting to go?
my brother do it cheap for you!
when serving on the bar or in a shop, try asking 'how much you normally pay?' when a customer asks u how much something is, then laugh at their response
by me old fruity June 29, 2006
whack-ass rapper from the dirrrrty south, famous for his song 'tipsy', can't pronouce words properly, aka 'chingy's retarded younger sibling'
J-Kwon: you dunt curr ima p.i.m.p!
translation 'you don't care that i'm a pimp'
by me old fruity July 30, 2006

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