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The act of glaring at someone with a lot of anger or hatred.
"She must be pissed, she's been giving me the evil eye all night."
by grindmyscrotum July 14, 2005
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Dawn's evil glare when she looks at you in eye-to-eye contact.
Oh God Look away Her evil eyes are gonna get me.
by Billy Koch January 28, 2005
it's a form of unintentional hipnosis caused by looking intensily at someone with adoration,lust,hatred or envy
it's found in one way or another in every part of the world and it's believed to be true to some degree,in eastern europe in particular it is such a common belief that mothers almost always dress babies with a red ribbon which is thought to be a distraction
that old lady gave my child the evil eye
by voodoochilddd May 14, 2009
to be under an evil spell or to cast one.(black magic)
"i think someone put an evil eye on me. can you do something about it?"-mr.smith
"yeah but you have to fast for 4 days before the cerimony begins."-mr.yazzie
by crook foot March 12, 2004
A sophomoric stunt usually committed in the back of a moving vehicle on a Friday or Saturday night.
After a “BA” is “hung” one must grab their butt cheeks and separate them with great enthusiasm thus exposing the anus.
It is usually “hung” for shocking humor but can be applied when great disrespect is intended.
We just got the evil eye Dude. He's pissed!
by 10 Beers July 10, 2009
Glare usually given as a threat by a someone who is not neccessarily evil, but possessed or a demi-devil.
(Arcane) To curse someone with a glare.
"He gave me the evil eye, I am cursed to hell!)
by beholder March 02, 2004
The act of bringing the foreskin of your penis up to the tip in a way that makes the foreskin resemble the skin around your eye and the tip of your penis rememble the eye ball, also a masturbation technique
I found a sick new way to masturbate its called the evil eye
by WhiteBoy999 July 27, 2010

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