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1) cascading style sheet
2) counter strike: source
3) content scrabling system
i pwned j{}{} in css.
i got some css in my webpage.
yo i cant crack the css on my dvds.
by mdemon9991 November 24, 2004
another term meaning New york usually New York City in particular. Also broadway
The big apple is full of tourists
by mdemon9991 December 21, 2004
a kind of game genre in which you jump around for m platform to platform and usually kill stuff.
kirby is a platform game.
by mdemon9991 October 08, 2004
to ban a users internet protocol (ip) address. this is done when a user is crazy enough to come back AND act inappropriatley. The admin ipbans them forcing to use a proxy.
Ifoolednewspapers got Ipbanned he was really annoying...
by Mdemon9991 April 09, 2005
Zerg0nator is an online user who "feverantly hates" albastor leech. At one point Zerg0nator was known as l33ch0nator. Zerg0nator is a starcraft user despite his name he is strongest with the Protoss. Zerg0nator invented the word "bun" while playing starcraft. He can be found at the source forum. He like to untap Chimney Imp (aka teh pimp) and he in interested in 1337.
<Zrg0nator> 'toss bun you!!!!!!1111
by Mdemon9991 May 07, 2005
Meaning: bootleg, disliked, or corny.
Comment:many Os can be inserted between the B and the J to add more felling o the insult.
Joe your black and white TV is boojies.

Yo that man is selling boojies movies.
by Mdemon9991 August 24, 2004
A great coder who has created many great programs and plans on making more.
AceOScoder has 1337 coding skills
by mdemon9991 November 16, 2004
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