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2 definitions by mcmonk

Known as an open (faced) sandwich. Actual name should be trencher as used from medieval times.
Common in Danish cuisine, known as smorrebrod.
Irritant: I'll have an open sandwich.

Irritable: It's "trencher" you idiot. Saying "open sandwich" is like saying "two-wheeled tricycle". I'll "open sandwich" your face with the palm of my hand in a minute.
by mcmonk August 12, 2008
Derived from nose and nuzzle. The act of nestling, or snuggling up to someone rubbing the tip of the nose against them.

Pronounced as nose with an 'l' at the end. Sometimes pronounced with an extra 'r' as norzel.
As we sat on the sofa, she was getting sleepy, closed her eyes, her head missed my shoulder, and she began to nozel my arm.
by mcmonk January 16, 2008