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A lady whose reputation for spontanious sexual congress is such that she commonly has a fishy odour eminating from her pudenta, similar to that of Killybegs, the Donegal fishing town.
Aww mate, dont shag that bird, she smells like Killybegs with all the lads shes shagged.
by mcguvir June 16, 2010
A completly useless bastard. also. Any Information Technology interface that allows the downloading or viewing of pornography for the purposes of masterbation.
While his family slept, J. would creep into his study and quietly abuse himself in front of his precious, his wankstation.
by mcguvir June 16, 2010
Being of, or in, a complete state of Feck!
Since 2007, the Irish economy had been in a state of total feckness
by mcguvir June 16, 2010
The Female eqivelent of a slash
The two girls had too much to drink, and while walking to the Strand to catch the 176 bus, stopped in the phonebox outside Charring Cross police station and had a lovley long Slish!
by mcguvir June 16, 2010

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