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* A professional wrestler who frequently and deliberately loses matches.

* The act of losing is called jobbing and a frequent loser is referred to as a jobber. It is a mark of disrespect to refer to a wrestler as a jobber, as it implies they are a failure in their career. The term has entered into popular culture, to mean a loser or someone who is worthless, as well as its Italian equivalent, jabroni, a phrase that was made popular by The Rock. Former alternate terms included journeyman (because of jobbers being hired for individual matches and not having contracts with the major promotions), enhancement talent (due to their usage to enhance the stature of their opponent) and ham-n-egger (in reference to the amount of money they make buys them just enough for a Ham and Egg breakfast).

Despite the negative sense of the word, some wrestlers have made a career out of jobbing. Barry Horowitz and Steve Lombardi (better known as the "Brooklyn Brawler") made a career out of jobbing, primarily in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

A slightly higher position is jobber to the stars, which is a wrestler who still defeats pure jobbers but who consistently loses to top-level or up-and-coming stars. This often happens to popular faces towards the end of their careers, including Tony Garea and Tito Santana. Triple H was given this role from 1996-1997 by Vince McMahon as punishment for the infamous MSG Incident.

Many top names in wrestling began their careers as jobbers. Mick Foley and Bret Hart began their careers as jobbers in the 1980s, later going on to greater success in the 1990s after employers began to recognize their talent. Peter Polaco and Terry Gerin were jobbers who later became stars in ECW as Justin Credible and Rhino, respectively.
You're a jobber and always be a jobber.
by mbrown84 September 26, 2006
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