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n. 1. direar (die-rear) - A common Southern mispronunciation of the word "diarrhea", often heard in towns with fewer than 20,000 citizens, or from citizens with fewer than 6 teeth.

slang. 2. A humorous and intentional mispronunciation of the word "diarrhea" by sarcastic, college-educated, middle-class individuals simply for the amusement of their wiseass peers.

n. 3. An alternate spelling for "diarrhea", a word in which even the most studious cannot spell when put on the spot.
"Mama, get me to the terlet (toilet) on the double, that chocolate puddin' pie gave me the direar!"

"When my quantum physics professor asked why I missed the final exam, I told him I was stuck on the toilet with a nasty case of 'direar'. He was fucking speechless! Hahaha!"
by mbphotog March 10, 2009
adj. 1. vanesselled (van-ness-elled) - The state of a doobage receptacle that has been thoroughly exhausted, leaving only dark residue, and the need for the contents to be restocked.
Since I didn't have any rolling papers in which to prepare a jumbo hootymack, I decided to use my pipe. After passing it around the table several times, the hits began to wane, and my friend declared, "Reload that pipe, Nigga, it's vanesselled!"
by mbphotog March 10, 2009
n. 1. micranical (mih-cran-ick-al) - a nonsensical word muttered over and over and over again, by exceptionally drunken insane individuals at engagement parties.
Dude, he was so wasted he just kept saying "micranical" and I had no fucking clue what he was talking about. The man could be a comic genius!
by mbphotog March 10, 2009

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