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17 definitions by mbc

A slang term meaning asshole.
Im going to go get my ballonknot licked.
by MBC March 31, 2003
A woman skilled at using both hands and feet to please multiple partners at the same time.
All six of them are in the bedroom fucking that slut monkey.
by MBC April 01, 2003
1) large penis 2) fat chick
I slapped a fat one with my fat one!
by MBC April 01, 2003
Shaved hair mixed with mayonase.
Greg likes to eat swiple.
by MBC March 31, 2003
A term used to describe a legal midget who is able to render herself unconcious by simply joging in place.
by MBC March 31, 2003
Engaging in sexual intercoarse with a women weighing more or equal to 200 pounds.
Im in the mood to play some hog soccer, lets go to McDonalds.
by MBC March 28, 2003
1) A whore who makes her living wrestling the cock 2) someone who makes their living wrestling and slaughtering chickens
Not only did that cokwrestler make me cum in her mouth but she made me a chicken dinner, For $10!!!!
by MBC April 04, 2003