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same meaning as wtf.
dude we totally saw a porn together.

what the balls?!?
by mazimaz July 10, 2008

used to make a fat person feel fatter when they bring up food as a subject in a conversation. a fat joke usually follows...
tim: man i was watching the food network last night.....
edna: thats fat!
tim: huh?
edna: i bet you were masturbating with bbq sauce while watching it huh?
by mazimaz December 11, 2008
referring to someone who is flappy. particularly someone who is overly obese to the point where their body flaps.
i was at burger king yesterday and i saw flaps ordering like a 10 stacker with a diet coke.
by mazimaz July 10, 2008
used when u r beaten. when ur clearly over matched.
dad - go tell ur mom to take u to practice.

jack - oh i get it....fuck me.
by mazimaz July 10, 2008
told to a usually fat person who has just said something really stupid. severity of the matter can vary.

go take a mile

go take a marathon
tom- thats what she said...
bill- damn! go take a lap.
by mazimaz July 10, 2008
term used by jiggas to say lets fight.
catch fade nigga!

damn son...im finna catch fade hella quick if that nigga sayin he more hip hop.
by mazimaz July 10, 2008
a small piece of shit that pokes your asshole.
i need to find some facilities!!! i got a poker.
by mazimaz July 10, 2008
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