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a term used to replace "nigga please" so if you say it to someone they cant get mad at you for a racial slur.
Mike: Yo man you wanna bite of this turkey sammich?
John:Ninja plz! I aint need no taste of yo grubby lil sammy!
Mike:Hey dont call me a nig...oh wait nevermind.
by maxatron January 07, 2009
The best "fuck people over" class in Team Fortress 2. The Pyro is good for fucking people over, mainly characters like The Spy, because he can pretty much blast fire everywhere in a room and end up killing every cloaked Spy inside. One cannot tell what the Pyro is saying behind his mask, whenever he tries to talk all you hear is a bunch of "hmmhmhhhmmm". The Pyro comes fully equipped with a Flamethrower which can continue to do damage even after death, and an axe known as the "Axe-tinguisher" the Axe-tinguisher is an axe wrapped in... barbed wire... and has a 100% critical chance if the enemy is on fire.
by maxatron July 30, 2009
A term used simply to say that you are going to go blow some guy's head off in Fallout 3.
"Hey, i'm gonna go V.A.T.S.-ing near Galaxy News Radio, be back around 5."
by maxatron January 11, 2009
usually what most teenagers put in front and on the back of their names on various online social networking sites to make it seem like they're cool. usually have some thing to do with their life or some quote that isn't actually funny.
Hey look, {{pwnz])) only has 4 friends! Ha what a damn noob.
He only uses ""'s and ""'s and "("'s and ")"'s.
by maxatron October 21, 2008
Alphabits is a cereal that is shaped like alphatbet letters and quite possibly the worst cereal ever created. Alphabits is like what would happen if you took a 60 year old cheerio and dunked it in the toilet and rubbed it in a fat man's underwear. Alphabits just looks like one of those rip-off cereal brands (which it pretty much is) that tastes like a gigantic turd. Just dont buy Alphabits... you will want your $4.00 back. You may die by implosion from eating this ceral.
Boy 1: "He look a new a cereal called Alphabits!"

Boy 2: "NO DONT EAT TH--"

by maxatron July 30, 2009
Your negro amigo is the mix between a mexican and an african american. Your Negro Amigo often is there for you during the tough times, Although he rarely has a high IQ level.
You can always trust your negro amigo.
by maxatron July 30, 2009

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