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3 definitions by matticusswan

The little bits of regular or chipped ice that get left behind when someone fills up a glass that no one bothers to pick up afterwards. Often gets dog-vacuumed.
DAMNIT. I was walking through the kitchen barefoot when I hit a patch of kitchen snow.
by MatticusSwan July 17, 2010
Comparable to Red Shirts. Expendable, relatively main characters in an action movie who go on a sudden killing rampage in a battle scene, usually ending in their death by multiple gunshot/stab wounds.
Guy 1: DUDE! Did you see that cavalry guy during the Last Samurai? Epic killing rampage.

Guy 2: Yeah man, I love seeing rage shirts in movies.
by matticusswan July 14, 2009
One's personal area, usually in a family room, where one often eats, plays video games or watches tv. Can be a chair, stool, section of couch, area of floor, ect. Can by no means be stolen by another, under any circumstances. Most common in men, but not unusual for a woman to have one.
Mother: Oh my God! Grandpa's had a heart-attack! Quick, put him on the couch while I call 9-1-1.

Son: Wait! Not there, that's my spot. Here, put him down on the floor. I'll grab some pillows.
by matticusswan July 23, 2009