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Also known as "San Guo Yian Yi". A historical novel written by Luo Guanzhong. The setting of the story is based on the 3 kingdoms era. The 3 kingdoms were know as "Wei, Shu, and Wu". While Romance of the three kingdoms focuses more in to the "Shu" side (Liu Bei's side), and tends to fictionalize and fantasize them. 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' also views Liu Bei's enemy, Cao Cao, as a ruthless, evil tyrant. The novel also weakened and looked down many non-Shu characters as well

Most of the characters are historical characters from 3 kingdoms, but most of the "historical events" are fake. I'll point out the significant events
- Burning Cao Cao's ships in Red Cliff WAS NOT Zhuge Liang's idea, IT WAS all Zhou Yu's Idea
- Borrowing arrows with scarecrows and summoning eastern wind by Zhuge Liang is simply fictional
- Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei ARE NOT sworn brothers
- Zhuge Liang was more credited as a politican instead of a "military strategist"
- Zhou Yu was never jealous of Zhuge Liang, AT ALL, he died due to sever illness instead of getting pissed to death
- Guan Yu did not kill Wen Chou and Hua Xiong, Hua Xiong got killed by Sun Jian's forces while Wen Chou got killed by Cao Cao's forces
- Liu Bei DID owe JinZhou to Wu, Zhou Yu conquered the whole JinZhou after The Battle of Red Cliff AND lend it to Liu Bei
- Diao Chan is simply a fictional character, the murder of Dong Zhuo was planned by Wang Yun and Lu Bu

anyway here are the significant ones, i can list more...-_-

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a great novel indeed. But I recommend you to read it as a FICTION, not a HISTORY BOOK. And plus if you know the 3 kingdom history well you will find this novel pretty biased.

if you want to know more about 3 kingdoms history, read "san guo zi"
by matthew-manhorn January 20, 2007

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The BEST Wuxia author of all time, unlike other wuxia authors who mainly focuses on more fancy fight moves / love scenes / good guys vs bad guys etc. Jing Yong's work focuses more on emotions, love, brotherhood, society and politics. His writing tends to blend in historical novel writing and satire. All backgrounds in Jin Yong's stories are always based on different Chinese Dynasties, which shows the political background and living during those dynasties, and you can actually LEARN Chinese history by reading his novels.

His works also includes a lot of SATIRE towards today's society and politics. Most wuxia novels are about Righteous schools vs Evil cults. But Jing Yong loves to turn those so called "good guys" / "righteous people" into bad guys, fake people, and sneaky bastards. and those "evil scums" into straight forward, honest people. Revealing the ugliness of humanity.His political satire are usually sarcastic towards the Chinese Communist Party. The ass licking and flattering Xing Shu students in 'Semi God Demi Devils'. And how the Dragon Cult leader killed his own companions who founded the cult with him and recruit young people in 'Deer and the Cauldron'.

Instead of talking about his work, let's talking about his personal life. Jin Yong hates computers, besides from ordering books and playing "Go", he personally does not use computers. He loves to read, travel, and study history, and he also loves to learn many foreign languages as well. He earned many awards and honors from Chinese and British universities. Anyway he's a genius and a hard-working person
Jin Yong is a genius, if you can read Chinese read his work RIGHT NOW, his english translated work cannot show his full potential and it kinda suck

It is a tragedy if you haven't read Jin Yong's work thus by understanding Chinese
by matthew-manhorn January 20, 2007

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