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A relatively rare surname of Chinese origin. Originally given to people who lived on the outskirts of cities in ancient China. Same as the Vietnamese Quach and the Korean Kwak.

Historically, Guos have been given special acclaim as they have made major contributions to China's governance, science and military. Guo was a surname often seen with royalty, as throughout Chinese history Guos have been appointed to important roles and were highly regarded for their reliability and honesty.

In the western world, Guos are relatively rare and usually hail from educated families, continuing their tradition of excellence especially in fields of academics.
"See that guy who got 99?"
"Yeah, he's a Guo"
"Not surprised at all"
#guo #kwak #quach #kwok #kuo
by daschudenspol February 07, 2014
a person who looks like a horse
dude that girl is a guo
#horse #pig #animal #dick #cock
by enormously big October 30, 2009
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