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3 definitions by matt bates

Name for furniture where the fabric has imprinted pictures of naked women, tastefully done of course.
"Man is this a naked woman on this couch?"
"Yeah. That's my new love seat from Porniture."
by Matt Bates December 01, 2003
A term used by Beasley and Bates, originating from Bill. The term 'please' can be placed at the end of any sentence, or in mid-flow of a sentence. This may be to cover up and foul mouthed word, or a secret word.
'Ahhhhh hallo there Beasley Please. How are we today there please. Have you done your please, please?'
by Matt Bates November 16, 2004
A rhino looking pretty boy who loves to drink vodka redbulls and commonly has a disabled mouth
'Man are you drinking vk red bulls and talking outta the side of your mouth??? Man you must be sedlered!!
by matt bates January 11, 2008