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South African slang word for 'cool'.
Hey I just found 100 bucks!
Lekker man...
by Matt C August 30, 2003
South African surfer slang for 'cool'.
Dude that wave was kiff
Check out my kiff board
by Matt C August 30, 2003
Australian Slang for an idiot. Comes from the bird of the same name, native to Australia.
"Stop being a gallah!"
by Matt C December 01, 2004
Used commonly in South Africa by people who are too lazy to say 'unfair' or 'unlucky' or 'too bad'.
"No, you may not have my cottage pie"
"Man, that's swak!"
by Matt C August 30, 2003
Acronym for 'End Of Story'.
"Have you checked that band EOS?"
by Matt C August 30, 2003
to jokingly annoy one's friend(s) by throwing insults or jibes meant to slightly annoy
after i fell on my ass and had to wear a butt-donut, my friend became an instant ball buster.
by matt c November 13, 2003
Single-handedly leading the only group of people to give a shit in the land of the dead. Sal is the leader and founder of the LOST SOULS ALLIANCE (LSA) and doesn't take shit from ANYONE. He rocks. Finally dies at the end of Grim Fandango by biting his explosive tooth, releasing a nerve-agent onto a bad-guy. What a hero.
Viva Le Revolution!!!
by Matt C August 21, 2004
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