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3 definitions by matias

1)the spanish word for "clusterfuck"
2)something very difficult to do.
al terminar el partido de futbol se armo quilombo.

es un trabajo muy dificil, un quilombo.
by matias July 03, 2004
39 8
a famous argentine underground artist.
was born in remedios de escalada, partido de lanus, provincia de buenos aires. he fund the argentine underground movement, and several clubs, like bolivia, eldorado, morocco, club caniche, ave porco, cafe paris, and others. he lives in alejandro korn, provincia de buenos aires.
sergio de loof fund bolivia in 1989.
by matias July 03, 2004
41 21
a legendary dance club in buenos aires.
located at hipolito yrigoyen 947.
was opened in 90's. the original owners were sergio de loof and alejandro kuropatwa, among others.
el dorado is the most important underground dance club in buenos aires
by matias July 03, 2004
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