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King of Kings skate krew.

made by the "ghetto cool skater poser kids" at school.

NOT to be confused with KKK. THat would be bad.
"yeah we're ghetto skateboard posers in the KOK"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
An awesome name for a cat, if you think about it.
"I have to feed Chunky now"
"I have to empty Chunky's litter box"
"Chunky, you're getting too fat"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
A wigga. But still a fairly good rapper.
Eminem dresses like he's black but still raps good.
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
retard. >> retodd >> todd.

Person 1 - "wow, he just dumped that chick."
Person 2 - "yeah, what a todd."
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008

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