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An abbreviation for "Fucking Dipshit" or "Fucking Douche" or "Fucking Dumbass" or...... etc. you can probably think of a ton more.

This is a word that usually describes a dumb jock at your school or workplace or one of those wiggas hanging around the skatepark.
random dumb jock: "lol i just watched Sex and the City wit my mom"
regular person 1: "yeah, you would watch that wit ur mom"
regular person 2: "yeah, youre such a FD"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
A nine-millimeter pistol, a stereotypical gangster/mobster's gun.
"Yo, foo, those peeps comin wit black nines!"
"Yea, son, lets mob out of here"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
The middle finger salute.
Flicking someone off.
Teacher: Did you just give that kid the 1 gun salute?
Student: No, wtf are you talking bout?
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
a stick person if you look at it sideways.
o-|--< stick person of DOOM
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
Used as an oath to convince someone that you will do something, not do something, say something, etc.

It's like a Pinky Swear except stronger.

Also called MF Swear.
"dude if you slap that girl's ass I'll pay you 5 bucks>"
"ok, Middle Finger Swear on it."
"ha ha newb now you have to pay, we MF Swore on it"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
This number spells "porn" while texting if you push the buttons enough times (those of you who text, try this and it is true.).

Also, disturbing fact: my school's last four digits are...yup, u guessed it: 7676.
No joke.

Also this is good for online chatting or forum posting while there is a PA (parent alert).
(online chatting)
ghettoboy55:dude i found a new 7676 site.
emogirlie90:you have to tell me.

(on a forum)
...also a great new 7676 is www.********.com, which is currently unavailable right now.....
by mastersam0 June 12, 2008
To Middle Finger Swear on something.
Like a pinky swear except strongger.
"I'm going to buy you an iPod if you pay for half"
"fine, but MF swear on it first."
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
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