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It is a term used to negro/niggafy a person
That white boy needs to be niggalized
by MarvelosityReigns June 27, 2009
1.A way of saying:Get of me me really fast
2.An awkward sexual advance
"Dude grroffme"
"That girl grroffed me last nite"
by MarvelosityReigns June 27, 2009
A disease in which you are too marvelous to associate yourself with "normies"
"They suffer from marveluosis thats why we can't associate ourselves with them"
by MarvelosityReigns June 27, 2009
(noun)Marvelosity is better than thug nasty,gangsta and ghetto-fabulous.It's even higher than Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons.

2.Not being the best at everything like Fabulosity.But excelling over everyone and everybody

3.A higher status than fabulosity
ex: "Margaret your Marvelosity reigns forever"
by MarvelosityReigns June 27, 2009
The state of being flawless
"Those shoes are soooooooooooo marvesteller"
by MarvelosityReigns June 27, 2009
Having an intense conversation with some on facebook;
When you argue with someone on facebook
Last night i was having a really heated face off with Ashley.
by MarvelosityReigns October 26, 2009
a way of saying myspace and youtube at the same time
i was youspace last nite.Funny shits
by MarvelosityReigns July 12, 2009

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