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5 definitions by mario0318

a person who never logs off the Soulseek network. also, someone who's had sex with semiolith.

a slsk whore could claim seniority over any aspect of soulseek by being one of the first 15 users to have their username show up on the ticker in indie
Kur Say, Hex_Rex, I thought you were closing SLSK CONFIDENTIAL because you were leaving the network but you came back and waitied 4 months to open it back up. Does that make you a slsk whore?
Hex_Rex Yes. dro1d is my lover and I am a soulseek whore.

siberian husky did you really fuck him?
EmoFoSho Yes. Semiolith is my lover and I am a soulseek whore.
by mario0318 December 14, 2009
83 16
A wallet so imense that it hurts your back whenever you sit down or lay down.
Dude, you gotta get rid of that thing. it's a f*cking george wallet


Jerry holding up a hamburger while holding George's wallet.

Jerry: But look at this thing. It's-it's huge. You got more cow here than here.

George: I need everything in there.

Jerry looking through George's wallet

Jerry: Irish money?

George: I might go there.

Jerry: Show this card at any participating Orlando-area Exxon get your free 'Save the Tiger' poster.
by mario0318 September 23, 2006
45 13
n. adj.

cool, sweet, awesome, super duper
"Say Corey, I fucked that girl last night, bro."

by mario0318 July 01, 2006
44 26
A combination of Banned and Ignored. Usually used in chat or p2p programs where a user can be both banned from a room or from downloading and put on chat ignore.
Fuck, I just got bandored for spamming

Hey, did you just get bandored? Cuz I think I just bandored you, noob.
by mario0318 October 16, 2009
12 1
prep. adj.

the combination of before and after.
wanna go to the mall befafter i jerk off?
by mario0318 July 01, 2006
14 3