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Oral sex on a man with salsa as lubricant. The spicier the better.
"I want a tijuana oil job" from Miss February
by Manswer May 10, 2009
The act of a man lying naked in the snow and a woman squatting on his penis to have sex.
My legs are so sore from the squatting Eskimo I gave Jim last night.
by manswer April 28, 2009
A blowjob outside in the snow in the middle of winter while the penis is nearly frozen and the blower is wearing mittens
Hey why are you smiling so big?

Cuz, I just got my first Frosty Mitten Job
by manswer April 28, 2009
The act of shitting on your sex partner while out in the snow after your anus is nearly frozen.
I need to take a hot shower, sarah just gave me a brown icicle
by manswer April 28, 2009
When six women get together with five lying on the ground. The sixth, puts both hands and feet into four of the vaginas of the women lying on the ground. She then inserts her head into the fifth woman's vagina.
Hey, where are all the girls?

They'll be gone for hours, they are doing the five-legged caribou with them.
by manswer April 29, 2009
The act of a Canadian man having sex with a mince meat pie.
Hey what's for dessert?

Nothing, your brother gave a Montreal Meat Pie to it and you wouldn't want to eat it now.
by manswer April 28, 2009
When a male wears a strap-on so he can simultaneously screw the same woman in the butt and vagina. This can also be done with a woman wearing two strap-ons.
"hey that girl is so hot I would double barrel her!"
by Manswer May 30, 2009

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