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pretty much the most awesome Australian band ever. yes, ever better than russel crowes shitty band, as if that was a hard feat. anyway, they rock the Casbah. their self-titled debut is a fantastic go at power pop rock music. the lead singer's voice is a force to be reckoned with.
With catchy tunes like "She's Love" "O Yeah" and "THe Game" the band's popularity is sure to catch fire in the U.S sooner than later.
M: I really like End Of Fashion's Album
A: really?
M: yep
by Mandy May 05, 2006
a kick ass boy bander who weighs more than a small whale. use to have a sucky voice but now it's awesome cus he brushed up his skills in "little shop of horrors" He's goin bald and will be the dead of nsync.
" joey fatone is so fat i can't stand it."
by mandy August 05, 2004
The skin between the nutsack and the bumhole.
It aint your ass and it aint your balls. It's your aintya.
by Mandy March 07, 2003
also can mean : holy crap! or wow!
OMG! u scared me. Gollish!
by Mandy March 06, 2005
A silly person; an affectionate derogative used to describe childish or dork like behavior.
Jimmy is such a corn nut! He always steals my buttons during Chemistry.
by mandy October 02, 2003
an annoying n00b
blah, that guy is such a neo jai
by Mandy August 22, 2003
Sexy Peurto Rican with a big cock,sumone who is good in bed.Also is the best person in the world,always there for his girlfriend when she needs him.He is perfect n i luv him
yea daddy,u kno i like that.
by Mandy August 08, 2004

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