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When you're broke because you spent all your money on spring break.
Hey man, wanna go to a movie or somethin'?

Nah, I'm spring broke. The cash I took to vegas, stayed in vegas.
by malendras April 08, 2007
A High School on Staten islad, NY, where nearly the entire student body are either morons or sluts. Half the teachers are complete assholes, the principal is a total drunk, and the dean is an uptight ass who likes all the morons more than the intelligent people.

Aside from that 95% of the school, though, the rest of it is fine.
"Hey, I got accepted to Moore Catholic. Should I go there?"
"Only if you're taking music, that's where most of the smart people are."
by malendras July 30, 2006
1: A website where "fundie" (or religiously insane) posts are archived, stored, and commented upon. The quotes usually espose some sort of extremist christianity or die-hard belief in creationism.

2: Verb, "to fstdt." The act of submitting a quote to this website.
1: "Man, you won't believe the shit they got on FSTDT. People there don't believe in fucken gravity...*"

2: Person 1 - "Gravity is a lie! Objects fall because of sin!*"
Person 2 - "Fstdt'd."

* = based on an actual quote.
by malendras October 16, 2007
1: The ability to fight while drunk.

2: When you ithink/i have the above skill. Normally involves the wild flailing of limbs and you getting your ass kicked. Much more common than #1.
Hey, what happened to Marty last night?
He started a fight and got drunken-fu'd.

Hey, what happened to jason last night?
He started a fight, thinking he knew drunken fu. Alas, he did not, and he's in county right now.
by malendras September 05, 2007
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