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4 definitions by makutassead

A person who sings like cartman from south park. These people have the ability to sing so badly that its good.
kyle:*singing poker face badly*
john:*laughing*dude keep singing your such a cartman singer.
by makutassead November 10, 2009
someone who sucks at going off ramps on a bike, skateboard, etc. and knows it.
cody: dude go off this ramp
john: i cant i suck at it
cody: come on its easy
john: no im a jump failer.
by makutassead November 08, 2009
a person who is good at jumping ramps on a bike, skateboard, etc. and tries to force a jump failer to go off a ramp.
cody: come on dude i dont care if your a jump failer just jump it
john: no stop being a fucking jump forcer.
by makutassead November 08, 2009
a person who dosent look like the nationality they really are.
mike:Hey dude what nationality are you?
craig:Im african and irish.
mike:really you look korean?
craig:Im not korean. Im a nonlooker dude.
by makutassead November 04, 2009